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                                                                                                                                                              OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2017                                   



We just returned from a 26 day trip to Montreal, Quebec, and first of all, we want to express our gratitude to our Wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for blessing us during this trip and giving us the privilege of partnering with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. We really felt the support of your prayers and we thank you for coming with us in the spirit. All the requests we made on our last letter were answered; we had physical strength and stamina until the very end, we were protected as we drove from place to place, we were definitely at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully and gave us a strong anointing to touch hearts, to break yokes of bondage, to heal, to restore. The plans of the enemy were defeated, the people came and experienced the power of God meeting them at their point of need. All of the above happened and all the glory goes to Jesus. Before we left, we received a prophecy that a new level and a new dimension of anointing was coming upon us, that we would experience an acceleration and spiritual increase; It started happening on this trip.     


We were received everywhere with great joy and grateful, thankful and receptive hearts and spirits. So many thanked us for coming. One lady held Jackie’s hands very firmly, and looking at her with piercing eyes, said ”Don’t stop doing this, don’t stop praying for people. You prayed for me three years ago and my life was transformed so don’t quit.” We heard testimonies of lives changed and physical healings from years past.  We love and appreciate the precious pastors who have become good friends over the years, probably close to thirty years. We spent good quality time with them, very encouraging and rewarding. Most of the pastors work full time at a secular job, as well as pastoring. We sensed a new hunger in the people and a willingness to press in deeper in their commitment to follow Jesus. There is a very small percentage of born again Christians in Quebec, similar to France, and pastoring is hard work. Most of the population have left organized religion and are now fearful of commitment; they will come to meetings once in a while but it takes time, patience and love to develop trust.


We had mentioned in our last letter that we were still searching the internet for a cheaper rental car than the one we had reserved because the prices had been increased so much due to the flooding in Florida and Texas. Just two days before we left, we received an e-mail from a precious couple we have known since the Charismatic Renewal days. They have moved out of state years ago so we have not had any contact with them. The e-mail read “God wants to FLOOD you with HIS provision. Let us know the cost of your rental car-it’s covered, thank you, Jesus!”. Our God is Awesome and we rejoiced and thanked Him and His obedient children for this wonderful surprise. Then when we landed in Burlington and went to pick up the car, they told us they only had two cars because all the others had been sent to Florida. One was a small one and the other a nice midsize SUV and we had the choice of either one. So we left with a brand new SUV, which was much better than the one we had reserved and it served us well the whole trip. We drove on many rough roads because of road repairs, and this car was stable, heavy and safe; it was just what we needed.  We enjoyed it even more because Our Father had provided it for us.


Our first stop was in Saint-Hilaire where we stayed the week-end with dear friends Nicole and Jacques Philibert who are now overseers of the church they planted years ago, which is called Un Refuge Sous Ses Ailes (A refuge under His Wings) which is really a discipleship training center. Jacques was National President of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship for all Canada, the first French Canadian to hold that poition. While there, we went to visit a precious friend who can’t come to church anymore due to her physical condition. We had planned a short visit which lasted over two hours. She is in a lot of pain, having to move out of her apartment to an assisted living facility and was very depressed. We spent the time reminiscing about the great things we have seen the Lord do through the years and how He has blessed and used all of us. We laughed as we remembered funny events and when we left, she was smiling and the sadness and depression were gone. The spirit of joy and the anointing Power of the Holy Spirit were in evidence in the Sunday service at church and people received easily as we prayed for them. Jackie and I make a good team, I make them laugh and she makes them cry, as the Lord uses her to dig up deep wounds and bring healing in their hearts. A large group go out to lunch together after the service where ministry to one another happens. There were two young men present, one a brand new Christian who had been led to the Lord by the other. At church, I had prophesied to the new believer about where he came from and what God would do with him. At lunch, He got up and shared that he had lived a very hard life and that when I said at the altar call that we have to forgive if we want to receive, he then forgave a lot of people including his wife who had left him and taken their daughter. We were all so touched by his testimony of obedience; the seed fell on good ground and is producing fruit.          


From there, we went to Laval, close to the next meeting and also close to where my sister Pierrette lives.

Still a good praise report, all the tests show that the cancerous spots on her lungs are still shrinking. The day we arrived, we found out that Manon, one of her five daughters (she also has one son) had just had a serious motorcycle accident when their bike hit a car that pulled out in front of them. She was thrown from the bike, flew over the car and landed on her back in the street. She broke a vertebra in her back and the doctor mentioned possible surgery and paralysis. As soon as we heard, we went to see her in the emergency ward and what we found was heartbreaking. She was in so much pain, her body all swollen; even morphine didn’t help. They let us stay after visiting hours and we were able to touch her, love her and pray for her. The next day we went back to the hospital where most of the family was gathered and there was such a dramatic change, she was smiling, the swelling has gone down and she said that we had brought her a miracle. We told her that Jesus loved her so much that He had sent us to pray for her but that she should say Thank you Jesus because we don’t heal, He does. We went back several times and she was improving each day, taking a few steps and out of the hospital in less than a week. We stayed four days with our nephew Sylvain, his wife, Sylvie, and two daughters and it was such a blessing to spend that quality time with them. Sylvie had seen us in her mind laying hands on Manon so when we met her at the hospital, she said “did what I saw really happen?”. She had prayed that we would come and she was so excited to find out her prayer was answered.



Our next meeting was in Laval at Eglise Fleuve d’Eau Vive (Church of  Living Water) pastored by Yves Leclerc, a mature Christian with a strong gift of teaching. We have known Yves and his wife, Lorraine, for many years since he was President of the Laval chapter of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. The people were very receptive as we prayed for them. A young man shared that a few years ago, in a meeting, he was just sitting listening to my teaching and as I was reading in Mark 16:17 “And these signs will follow those who believe. In My name, they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues”. Just as I was reading, he started speaking in tongues when previously he had questioned the validity of this gift. Now he has a whole teaching on the importance of speaking in God’s language. 


Next was a conference in an African church, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. A precious pastor who works nights and only has a few hours of sleep during the day. Every meeting was started with a half hour of intercession led from the pulpit by an anointed lady. Then, very lively worship and dance. During one of the dances, Jackie joined them and, of course, couldn’t do the same moves but it was a joyful time. The pastor is from the Congo and some from Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) where I have been; I have also been in Burundi, which borders Congo so we could relate to one another. One lady drew our attention because she looked so burdened and sad on Friday night. She also worked all night at a hospital and slept very little but attended all the meetings. On Sunday morning, she came to church right after work, she was radiant and looked like a different person. She told us she had been so encouraged and her smile said it all. Another lady from Cote d’Ivoire who had not been attending church regularly, felt impressed to come on Friday night. We had had problems finding this church which was in an area we were not familiar with so she offered to drive us on Saturday and Sunday since she lived close to where we were staying. During those trips, she told us her story. Her husband came to Quebec on some of program where he attended a prestigious University, and received his degree. He then sent for her to join him and get married. He became the top in his field, much in demand and making a lot of money. They lived the good life, had two daughters and traveled all over the U.S. and Europe. They were Muslims and after 20 years of marriage, he told her to choose between him and Jesus because she had become a Christian. She chose Jesus and they were divorced. She was awarded a small alimony just enough to pay rent and food. She had never worked, her and her daughters had been used to the best and now she is working in a hospital making minimum wage. Her husband has remarried and has moved on so the burden of raising the girls is all hers. On Sunday morning, as Jackie prayed for her, she was able to release the pain and the rejection and was healed from the past. She cried healing tears, not the same as the tears of two years ago when her heart was broken. The ride back after church was very exciting, she was just bubbling with joy and the assurance that God would take care of her and her girls.  


Then we were with Pastor Francine Menard whose husband Jean Marc died a few months ago. We had a long lunch with her a few days before the meeting where she unburdened her heart. She is trying to keep on ministering and keeping the church together, helped by Pastor Charbonneau from Granby. The meeting was well attended for a mid-week service and there was a precious anointing in the service. We had friends who came from out of town and one of them was delivered from torment. Also a very committed young woman was delivered from something very deep, she said it was a surprise but she knew she was free. An older man we have known for a long time said he had made a strong effort to come because he was so weak. During the service, he became stronger and stronger and at the end, he was dancing and jumping around, full of life. 


On Saturday, we had an afternoon and evening meetings with Hosanna Evangelization, held by evangelist Christian Ndibu who is submitted to Living Water Church. He and his wife are from the Congo and have a strong desire to reach out and make Jesus known. The place was full of people from different churches and backgrounds and some new curious attendees. Also, some of our friends came from out of town. There was freedom as we both preached and ministered. The anointing power of the Holy Spirit was strong from the beginning as Christian led worship. Everyone came for prayer with different needs. Some were saved, some Baptized with the Holy Spirit, some healed, some delivered. A lady we have known for years who has lived a very hard life, divorced probably a few times, introduced us to the man she is going to marry. During the afternoon meeting, he just there like a fish out of water, he didn’t know what was going on. He did not sing or repeat any prayer, he just politely sat there. In the evening, he started to participate and when Jackie made the altar call, he repeated every word of the long prayer she made everybody repeat, for salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, healing, deliverance, and we could see the change in him. The lady told us “I think something happened to him”. Yes, something did and it was so evident. I had a word for them that God is giving them another chance and it will be different this time. Jesus came to redeem what was lost.


The next day we were in Laval at Church of the Harvest pastored by Daniel Di Paolo, a young man who was trained by his dad, Luigi, an anointed evangelist who is now with the Lord. He also received his formal training at Rod Parsley’s Bible School. His mom, Lena, is an anointed singer and awesome worship leader, and as we told her, her voice and range is getting better and better. She always does special for me; she knows how much I love it. We have been friends with this family for a very long time. Daniel and his wife, Sandra, and their two little boys, were out of town taking a few days off to celebrate Sandra’s birthday. Daniel said Papa Ray is coming so it’s a good time to take time off. We did have a nice lunch with them when they returned to catch up on each other. They have a 9 a.m. service in French and an 11 a.m. service in English. By then I was so used to preaching in French, that I struggled a little with English. Daniel is a great teacher so the ground is well prepared. We prayed for most everyone and they received easily, they laughed, they cried, spirits of torment left, the power of the Holy Spirit was in evidence. Such good ground, it is very easy to minister. Our friend Rejean Paquette came from Ontario to be with us. He joined us for lunch with Bruno, the Associate Pastor, and his wife Sophie and we had a good time of fellowship.


Then for our last week-end, we were in St-Hubert where we stayed with our good friends, Claude and Lisette Morin who live close to the church.  We were at Alliance & Vie pastored by Odette and Leo Menard, a special couple that we have known for a lot of years. I was one of the first guest speakers when they started the church over 25 years ago. They met me at a Full Gospel Business Men’s meeting and asked me to come before I even spoke. After I spoke, others asked me but it was too late. They took a chance on me and I took a chance on them but it is a bond that has never been broken. Now their children are in ministry also. Jean Sebastien is an anointed and gifted song writer and worship leader; Genevieve has developed dance teams who travel all over the world teachings churches on prophetic dancing. Very unique as they train younger children who develop as they grow. Our first meeting on Friday night lasted four hours. Saturday morning was from 9.30 to 4, with an hour break for sandwiches. Sunday morning was from 9.30 to 4 also. Saturday morning, we had about an hour of testimonies from the night before and the same on Sunday morning. The worship was awesome but we had an unusual funny experience. Saturday morning, I got so excited and anointed at the altar call with all the people that came forward full of faith, that I started singing my favorite song in French, but I had not noticed that Jean Sebastien was sitting at the piano right behind me and was trying to find the notes I was singing. Jackie pointed her finger at me to show me where he was, so then I was singing a duo with him. It was hilarious.  


So much happened that it’s not possible to express. On Saturday afternoon, Jackie shared a small part of her message on

 forgiveness and asked for the ones who knew that God was doing a work in their hearts. She thought a few would come

 but the line kept getting longer and longer, mostly women but some men also. She prayed individually for over 2

hours with the Lord doing major surgery on the hearts, delivering from tormenting spirits and healing pain from events

that had been buried which the Holy Spirit was bringing up to be healed. The gut wrenching screams and cries moved us

to tears and then joy when deliverance came. Everyone sat in silence, including the pastors, as God was doing the work;

it was a holy moment.  She had two men helping her because she did not want the person to fall on the floor until

healing had come. The testimonies the next morning, were so touching. Years of torment wiped away in a few minutes

by the mighty Power of God. This church is moving in freedom and order, which is very rare.


We are so blessed and thankful to serve a Living God who came to save, heal and deliver and that He lets us have a part in it. The main requisite for ministry is to know we can’t do anything and have to trust in Him to do it.  Amazingly, we could have gone on, we were not overly tired, that anointing is wonderful. After we got home, it was a different story, we were tired, and are still dealing with all the work that was waiting for us. That’s why it has taken us so long to write this letter. When we are ministering, we have our Superman suits on but when we get home, we change to our Clark Kent suits. We love you,  appreciate you so much and pray for you. Thank you again for your prayers and support.



In His Service,


Ray & Jackie Brooks