Hat Making Tutorial


Step by Step Hat Making with Buckram

Supplies: 1/4 yard buckram or remnant

Liquid starch

Remnant of 1/8 " ribbon

White glue

Step One: Cut buckram into a 5x5" square. Find two lids that fit inside of each other. The inside one should be the size you want the crown of the hat to be (picture 1).

Step Two: Soak the 5" buckram square in liquid starch. Squeeze the fabric until it is drench. Stretch the buckram along the biases and every direction you can to make it pliable (picture 2).

Step Three: Place the inside lid on the counter top and drape the buckram over that. Smooth the fabric over the lid (picture 3).

Step Four: Put the outside lid over the inside one and push it on tightly. Smooth and work out all of the bubbles in the fabric. Allow hat to dry overnight, or 6-8 hours. ( TIP" You can dry them in the microwave...15-30 secs at a time. Careful they can burn! ) Remove the outside cap after a few hours to quicken the drying process (picture 4).

Step Five: After the buckram is completely dry remove the plastic forms (picture 6).

Step Six: Using a circular pattern, I use a glass. Trace a circle around the brim (picture 5.

Step Seven: With sharp scissors cut the hat out along the pencil line. You may lightly press the hat if it needs shaping (pattern 6). Step Eight: Glue a 1/8 inch ribbon around the crown and cut to the proper length

Use your creativity by adding flowers, ribbon, tulle and feathers. Change the color of the buckram with light layers of spray paint before adding the adornments, being careful not to saturate the material.

picture 1

picture 2

picture 3

picture 4

picture 5

picture 6